This isn’t a game to you. You have things to build.

People to help.

And you want to get it done yesterday.

We have served over 20,000 students in our online school over the last 7 years, and millions of readers on this site. This is your ultimate resource to being VOCAL, VISIBLE, VALUED, AND PAID AS AN EXPERT IN YOUR INDUSTRY. 

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Regina Anaejionu - Author and Entrepreneur

Hey, there. Regina here. 🖖🏾

I want to help you be the go-to expert in your industry and grow a full-time information business; something that allows you to take your knowledge, skills, and experience (meaning: the things you already have that can’t be taken away from you) and profit from them by sharing them in a meaningful way.

Basically, I want you to have the time and money for your family, for other creative projects, for travel . . . or for anything else on your menu.

Teaching online, selling books, and using social media strategically helped me generate more than $1M in revenue in my first few years selling online, so the processes I teach and work with you on will help you grow . . . and avoid common mistakes.

You can learn more about me below 👇🏾.

A bit about me? I have been writing, growing online communities, and selling products and services online since 2008. We’re talking everything from freelance writing full time and designing event invitations to creating websites and publishing my own business books.

Quick stats:

  • I have written for, or been featured in, publications such as Fast Company and Entrepreneur.
  • I speak at multiple, large events each year (such as: Teachable’s annual online conference, and Black Enterprise’s FWD conference, etc.) on knowledge-based businesses and humanizing your sales funnels.
  • I went to school and studied business at some point (we don’t have to talk about how deep I am into my 30s, okay? 🤣), and have started/run countless in-person and online businesses since then. I chronicle my business journeys, share case studies, and more on my @byReginaTV Instagram.
  • In recent years, I have built an email list of about 50,000 people as well as two online schools (one with 14,000 and one with 10,000 students).
  • I’m based in New York City. Formerly Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Formerly formerly, Austin, Texas. But wherever I go, I have a penchant for horrible accents and lots of vegan tacos.
  • I run a profitable health and wellness website (in addition to this business) and I’m also a certified kettlebell specialist, certified boxing for fitness instructor, registered yoga teacher, & I love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • My last name is pronounced n-ay-john-oh and is Nigerian 🇳🇬.

Most asked questions
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Can self-publishing really be all that profitable? How do I get started in it if so?


Having a premium platform online (where you can easily connect with people, help them, and display your expertise on a topic) will help your self-published books (or any other endeavors) sell better.

That’s how I was able to drive$100K in profit over 5 years from one of my self-published books. Case study coming soon. BUT, it’s also how I was able to earn $1K/month from 1 eBook back when I had a very small online audience. Case study here.

Lastly: here’s an article to give you a good overview of the self-publishing process.

Is it going to require a huge online audience to start selling knowledge-based products like workshops, books, or courses?

Funny you should ask, friend. No it doesn’t require that.

You can check out my mini case study here (blog post and audio version) about creating $1,350 in profit (and $1K/month recurring income) with my first online course launch when I had only 71 people on my email list.

And you can also check out my case study on selling a $67 eBook (that I hadn’t even written yet) for a consistent $1,000 per month in income.