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Most asked questions
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Can self-publishing really be all that profitable? How do I get started in it if so?


Having a premium platform online (where you can easily connect with people, help them, and display your expertise on a topic) will help your self-published books (or any other endeavors) sell better.

That’s how I was able to drive$100K in profit over 5 years from one of my self-published books. Case study coming soon. BUT, it’s also how I was able to earn $1K/month from 1 eBook back when I had a very small online audience. Case study here.

Lastly: here’s an article to give you a good overview of the self-publishing process.

Is it going to require a huge online audience to start selling knowledge-based products like workshops, books, or courses?

Funny you should ask, friend. No it doesn’t require that.

You can check out my mini case study here (blog post and audio version) about creating $1,350 in profit (and $1K/month recurring income) with my first online course launch when I had only 71 people on my email list.

And you can also check out my case study on selling a $67 eBook (that I hadn’t even written yet) for a consistent $1,000 per month in income.