Captivate the attention of 10,000 people online.
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You have a topic or passion you want to share with people through a knowledge-based business, and it’s time to build an engaged interest list of people who want what you have to offer, right?

Hint: By “knowledge-based business” I mean selling workshops, books, courses, coaching, or consulting services designed to help people gain new skills and transform key areas of their lives or businesses.

Captivate Thousands is a digital guide (free for a limited time) that will help you grow your interest list while selling an amazingly helpful information product or service.


This guide is for you if you are in one of two positions right now:

One: You are running a knowledge-based business and have built an email list of a few hundred or even a few thousand people, but you are not selling to them at the rate you would like; 


Two: You are towards the beginning of starting and running your knowledge-based business, you’re building from 0 (or maybe a handful of people on your list), and you would like to build an interest list of people who sign up because they want to find out more about what you offer to help them solve their problems.

Does one of the statements above 👆🏽 fit you?

If so, there are only a few things you’ll need to put in place to captivate the attention of 10,000 potential customers online:


1️⃣ Something to sell (which we’ll take you through in the first chapter).

2️⃣ Something to offer as a sample (so potential customers can get a taste of what they’ll be able to accomplish with you—don’t worry; we have a whole chapter on this too).

3️⃣ Something to say (that both educates and engages your potential customers) after people sign up for your sample. We’ll get into this in an action-oriented section of the guidebook.

4️⃣ Some way to be where your audience is (online—ex: Instagram) and craft messages and content that start a conversation and ignite a curiosity in them (“Can I really do this?” “Is this a good way to go about this?” “What else is possible?”) that you continue to feed.

-and, most importantly-

5️⃣ A desire to help your audience and a willingness to be coached/directed by the things you learn from the people you want to help.

We’re going to address all of these necessities (inside the guidebook that’s free for a limited time) as we go through an overview of the plan below.

Let’s break down the task of building your interest list with your first 10,000 people (or next 10,000 people) into three distinct phases:

  1. 0 to 100 potential customers
  2. 100 to 1K ideal customers
  3. 1K to 10K subscribers and ideal customers

Why these phases? Because you will move and act in different ways as your list grows, if you want to be efficient . . . and if you don’t want to build a list of people who “free zone” you. Meaning: they never take action on your offers.

In fact, if you do this right, you’ll spend the most effort getting the first 100 or so people right, less effort on growing to 1,000 . . . and the least effort getting from 1K to 10K.

I’ve included a neatly-drawn-and-totally-to-scale graph to illustrate what I mean.

If you are determined to build an interest list of people who care about transformation, growth, and what you have to offer, then I can’t recommend enough that you build your first/next 10,000 people with a combination of the 3 methods we share in this guide:

Manual (0 to 100)
Leveraged (100 – 1,000)
Scaled (1K – 10K)

In this playbook, you will be guided through:

  1. Captivating the attention of 10K people online for your knowledge-based business
  2. Choosing from 36 ideas of epic information products and services you can sell 
  3. Calculating how many people you’ll need joining your interest list each month to reach your income goals (most business coaches don’t teach this, which is sad because it’s so helpful)
  4. Developing an epic “sample” to attract the right people to your business and help you sell your main offer
  5. Crafting a plan for growing your interest list from 0 to 10,000 people without getting “free zoned”
  6. Drafting and customizing a sales funnel/journey that works for your chosen product or service
  7. And a lot more 🎉

This 70+ page digital guidebook also comes with amazing, instructional emails that I’ll send you over the next few weeks.

All you have to do to grab your copy is DM me on Instagram and tell me about your current knowledge-based business or brewing business idea 👇🏾