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  1. Hey Regina!

    I’d love to talk about what it takes to be a great guest on your podcast!

    I think there’s a lot we could talk about, and I’m open to a chat to see if it would be a good fit 🙂

    I’m Coach Em, I am a Women’s Online Fitness Coach, and the creator of the Fit Mompreneur Formula that helps Momprenuers lose weight & tone FOR GOOD so they can show up as the confident example their kids deserve!

    I’d be happy to tell the story of how I persevered through years in Parson’s School Of Design (one of the hardest in the world) to secure a spot at Nike, and then eventually UA as a corporate designer, yet chose to leave the comfort and security to pursue my true passion… Helping women live powerfully confident lives through their fitness and self-care routines!

    Over the past 2 years, my boyfriend and I have built a successful online fitness consulting business and can speak to a variety of soaring highs, as well as soul-crushing lows.

    I’ve also battled through constant bullying as an overweight kid, severe scoliosis, almost losing my life to anorexia nervosa, competing in competitive bodybuilding, and have fought through athletes amenorrhea for the past year.

    To put it mildly… I’ve had a lot of opportunities to learn lol

    As far as distribution, I’d love to showcase this on my site ( as well as broadcast it to my email list of 500+, and my social networks of 20k+

    Really looking forward to hearing from you, Regina, because I believe we’ll be able to change the lives of SO MANY women and children together 🙂

    Happy Sunday!

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